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European Journal of Media, Art & Photography

Issue 1/2024 AVAILABLE NOW!

Walking with a Camera

Abstract In his work, the author primarily focuses on the urban landscape and its impacts on human life. His entire documentary work is linked by a unified authorial idea. In the “Jungle City” cycle, he works with the visual counterpart of the current form of the

Colour in Student Magazine Design

Abstract  Creating a school magazine offers students opportunities to develop their skills, professional potential, teamwork, creativity, media literacy, and involvement in the school community. In magazine design, colours create a positive first impression, strengthen a magazine’s attractiveness and popularity among readers. Combinations of colours form a

Why is there light?

    DOI: Churkin, S. (2024). Why is there light? European Journal of Media, Art and Photography, 12(1), 125-126.

Mindful Observers

Abstract The importance of services running in the background is often overlooked. Museum wardens assume such a role. This project focuses on them. It works using the means of photography, interviews and the respectful design of the presentation of the project results in a gallery.   Key words Documentary.


Abstract Architecture and man – these are the two most important supporting motifs in the over 20 years long photographic work of Anton Baša. The relationship to both of these subjects is deeply rooted in his personality. Colourful work is very characteristic for the author, gradually

The Specific Characteristics of the Creativity of Alexander Chekmenev in the Concept of the Development of Social Documentary as a Significant Part of Contemporary Ukrainian Art Photography

Abstract Social documentary photography is one of the key genres that Ukrainian artists use for creating a series of works presented in the form of a photo book or as an independent project. Among the most prominent representatives of this direction, Alexander Chekmenev and the members