From Post-Modernism to Critical Art
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From Post-Modernism to Critical Art


“[…]. Human existence – a vast, unlimited space of reflections on life and death, in the fields of philosophy, morals, history, culture… 

Grzegorz Jarmocewicz, reaching into all these areas and categories, gives us his own interpretations to launch in us layers of associations and references to our own experiences. […]”. Critic, art historian Marek Grygiel. “[…]. Jarmocewicz’s work presents a variety in the form of a search. It contains a modernist tradition, as well as an oppositional, postmodernist tradition. From the psychological side, through a specific form, it is contained between heaven and hell. […]”. Critic, art historian Dr. Krzysztof Jurecki. “ […]. (His photographs are) economic reflections of the diversity of cultural codes, which are the artist’s modest contribution to certain areas of reflection, at the same time defining them and remaining outside the framework of the term […]”. Prof. Jerzy Olek. “ […]. He fits in with his attitude and creative search in the area of photographers of philosophers who, with the help of their pictures-photographs, reflect on life, death, time, history, culture. […]”. Prof. Marek Szyryk. 


Key words 

Artificial Intelligence. Authoritarianism. Biometrics. Critical Art. Culture. Daguerreotype. Deep Fakes. Embalming of Time. GANs. Image Memory. Manipulation. Metaphor. New Media. Object. Oliver Wendell Holmes. Oppression. Photography Experiment. Photosensitive Emulsion. Polarisation. Postmodernism. Surveillance. The Truth of Photography. Video Hologram.


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Jarmocewicz, G. (2024). From Post-Modernism to Critical Art. European Journal of Media, Art and Photography, 12(1), 6-43.