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Papers tagged ‘Culture’

Civilization that will survive

The article shows the situation of the Catholic Church in today’s unit- ed socialist Vietnam. The author, a Slovak misiologist, does this on the basis of the experiment of life at the monastery of Vincentian brothers in Ho Chi Minh City as well as through...

Familial nostalgia

Based on an ethnographic field research conducted in the do- mestic and public spheres of the province of Punjab (Pakistan), this paper discusses real images (the family photos) embedded in their narrative context. It contributes towards understanding the role play by photographs both in domestic...

Art. culture. language. (On some aspects of teaching english abroad)

The education system in Kazakhstan has been undergoing significant changes since the past years, driven by historical events and associated with political, economic and social changes in the world society. Kazakh universities and higher institutions keep in line with the Bologna Process to provide comparability...