EJMAP | Issues 1/2016
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Content of issue 1/2016

Veronika Pilátová: Architecture of body, Fragments, Blood and milk

Architecture of body, Fragments, Blood and milk

I often return to my photographic beginnings, hundreds of identical pictures and an in no way exceptional small digital camera. There is a deeper reason as to why I started to pursue and learn more about photography - it was love. Both my father and...

Pavoil Breier: Tibetan celebrations

Tibetan celebrations

Three series of photographs strives to provide a deeper look into the religious world of the local population in Amdo – part of the Chinese provincies Gansu and Qinghai - situated on the northeast fringe of Tibetan Plateau. [qbutton size="large" style="" text="Download paper" icon_pack="font_awesome" fa_icon="fa-download" fe_icon=""...

Zdeněk Lhoták: United Colors Of Nepal

United Colors Of Nepal

What is evident in Zdenek Lhotak‘s work from China, Tibet and Nepal is the principle of relation and a tendency to show the cultural background rather in abstract and emotional way than in descriptive way. During his first travel in 1989 Lhotak found for himself...