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Journey to a human

I began with a photography as a student at a film high school. I have always wanted to be a cinematographer. I was studying film language, we told about different visual forms and shooting techniques. I did not want to be a photographer, I devoted...

Juraj Figura: Just trying to survive

Just trying to survive

Being formerly a film student at film high school, I have always wanted to tell the stories. I was studying how to use the film language and pictures, and discovering different visual forms. If you want to tell the story by a film, you need...

Cover photo: Student profile - Diana Čermáková

Diana Čermáková: Compatriots

As far as I can remember, I guess I have always been taking pictures. My brother put his camera into my hands at his wedding and told me to take some pictures. They knew I enjoyed that. I was 12 then. And I felt important....