Issues 1/2017
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About Beauty, Love and Fear & Suspended Boundaries

Through photography I aspire to represent the spaces where visual relationships take place: the space of the picture becomes the place where I capture the intertwined of particulars and views. Through the juxtaposition of subtleties I create meaning out of tumultuous accidents and felicitous coincidences.

LUUK poster

LUUK: A tradition is born

A novelty stands at the beginning of everything. Maybe it’s not perfect, unsure and coy, but alas it stands at the inception of everything new. As things progress, it trades its imperfections for advantages and slowly gains its own unique form within our reality. At

Participative culture in community media

This theoretical study deals with the conjencture of community media and participative culture in the context of media production. It also showcases the importance of culture per se and its place within community media.   ŠKRIPCOVÁ, L.: Participative culture in community media. In European Journal of Media,

Juraj Figura: Just trying to survive

Just trying to survive

Being formerly a film student at film high school, I have always wanted to tell the stories. I was studying how to use the film language and pictures, and discovering different visual forms. If you want to tell the story by a film, you need

Judita Csáderová: Fotografie


The main protagonist of slovak photography, Judita Csáderová, is a highly subjective author, working mainly with the imaginative and surrealistic visual language, interpreted via her very own timeless, abstract lines. Torsos and imprints of female body, surrealistic links to irrationality and to her desire to

Anton Sládek Javisko zákulisia a Foto-Grafiky

Javisko zákulisia a Foto-Grafiky

Anton Sládek, another significant slovak photographer, who is also known for his classic black and white work, portrays theatrical actors and captures spontaneous backstage of the theater performance. The similarity of Anton Sládek´s artwork to photograps of Diane Arbus is not only visual, but also