Javisko zákulisia a Foto-Grafiky
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Anton Sládek Javisko zákulisia a Foto-Grafiky

Javisko zákulisia a Foto-Grafiky

Anton Sládek, another significant slovak photographer, who is also known for his classic black and white work, portrays theatrical actors and captures spontaneous backstage of the theater performance. The similarity of Anton Sládek´s artwork to photograps of Diane Arbus is not only visual, but also thematic.
As same as in the 70‘s american society was talking about Arbus that: “she was and still is a photographer, that America never wanted but surely needed. On the other side, she’s so important for american photography, that they would have miss her…”. We feel the same about Sládek. Not only that we want him,
but we really need him. His second presented series of Photo-Graphics, manipulated stills and photograms is a collaboration with czech graphic designer Pravoslav Flak. They are interventions to photography, graphics and computer manipulations, while common idea is Plato‘s theory of human knowledge. In the
form of bizarre still-lifes and games of lights, he associates with the links of André Kertész and Jaromír Funke to the interwar avant-garde, new pragmatism and new objectivity, as well as to the subtle and delicate metamorphosis of light reflections in the context of the Josef Sudek´s works.

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SLÁDEK, A.: Javisko zákulisia a Foto-Grafiky. In European Journal of Media, Art and Photography, 2017, Vol. 5, No. 1, p. 70-95. ISSN 1339-4940.