Taboo Topics in Limited Series Offered by Internet-Distributed Television
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Taboo Topics in Limited Series Offered by Internet-Distributed Television


The broader structural and organisational changes associated with the global expansion of Internet-distributed television have changed the ways in which we perceive the qualitative level and socio-cultural significance of television dramas. Individual transformations can be perceived in connection with the hybridisation of genres, the thematic variability of individual works, the number of episodes and their average length, or relevant considerations about the need to better understand TV dramas as products that are qualitatively equal to ambitious film production and in many respects even overshadow it. A currently resonating area of interest are mini-serials/ limited series, which target audiences often prefer over other types of episodic works with a significant number of seasons and instalments, emphasising their high-end quality and refined production value. The popularity of this type of content results from engaging and complex narrative structures, which often include explicit depiction of taboo topics, such as stories and plotlines related to death (or old age and/or dying), sexual behaviour, various deviations, extreme violence or self-harm. The presentation of these publicly suppressed topics in limited series is the focus of our interest. The main goal of the study is to reflect on the current popularity of television mini-serials in the environment of Internet-distributed television, taking into account the taboo topics that are portrayed in them. We achieve this goal on the basis of theoretical reflection on the issue, analysis of the thematic specifics of selected television works and subsequent synthesis of acquired knowledge.


Key words 

Internet-Distributed Television. Limited Series. Mini-Serial. Narrative. Serial. Taboo.


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KVETANOVÁ, Z., RADOŠINSKÁ, J.: Taboo Topics in Limited Series Offered by Internet-Distributed Television. In European Journal of Media, Art and Photography, 2023, Vol. 11, No. 1, pp. 72-85, ISSN 1339-4940.