Portfolio: Fiona Rukschcio
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Fiona Rukschcio Portfólio

Portfolio: Fiona Rukschcio

Trained not only as an artist, but with vivid interest in the construction of society I am producing images, that I am missing, but want to see myself. Therefore my concerns are marginalised history, mainly history of women („Im Ernstfall ist alles anders“, A 2006, 33 min., „I would be delighted to talk Suffrage“, GB 2003/4, 30 min., „Le panthéon“, F 2003, 10 min.) Concerning the topic violence against women, my aim is to produce alternative images („retaped Rape“, GB/A 2012, 75 min., „Bill Posters will be prosecuted“, GB 1999, 23 min., „#1:“, A 1999, 47 min., „#2: , A 1999, 13 min., „#3: , A 1999, 8 min.).

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RUKSCHCIO, F.: Portfólio. In European Journal of Media, Art & Photography, 2014, Vol. 2, No. 2, p. 4-45. ISSN 1339-4940.