The narrative and the body and the narrative of the body
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The narrative and the body and the narrative of the body

This article seeks to identify the sort of bridging between the concepts of the body, the second body and the other body. The comparative analysis of Emiliya Dvoryanova’s novel and Milorad Pavić’s novel is centred around a few main thematic axes, like these about the body as a part of the body – space – time triad, about the eye, resp. the process of seeing, and about the hand, as continuing the seeing, and about the extreme conditions of fear and ecstasy. An emphasis is put on the process of composing the texts, on Dvoryanova’s pantextualism and of the process of incorporation of sub- texts mirroring each other (mise en abyme ) in Pavic’s novel.


Key words

Body. Ecstasy. Fear. Hand. Text.


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